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Your new concrete edging has a one-year warranty from the installation date against defects in workmanship or materials. We will, at no charge to the customer, replace any defective section upon inspection, and the repair will be scheduled and take place as soon as possible. Excluded from this expressed warranty is damage caused from vandalism or negligence such as heavy equipment movement over the curb, excavation equipment, snow removal equipment, shovels, rakes, vehicles, or heavy tools. In addition to these exclusions, “acts of god”, such as (earthquakes) are not covered. Tooled control joints are designed to crack and are not covered by this warranty.



We hope you are pleased with your recently installed concrete edging. We are sure it will save hours of valuable time in edging and trimming in addition to beautifying your landscape. The following are guidelines to maintain the new edging and to keep it in the best possible condition.

1. The first 24 hours are the most crucial for proper curing of your curbing. Sprinkler systems should be off for the first 24 hours. This is done to prevent water from directly spraying the concrete while it is curing. Light misting is acceptable, however, direct spray may damage the surface. Over the next 28 days or so your curbing will continue to reach its maximum strength. We recommend taking the following precautions to avoid scratches or chipping of your new curb.

2. Protect your investment! Once we leave the job site, the concrete edging is your responsibility. This includes damage caused by landscape and construction crews, adults, kids, pets, water, vandals, etc. All traffic during the curing process is to be restricted. Light traffic such as foot traffic after the 24 hrs should not be a problem. Heavy equipment such as trucks, bobcats, tillers, pipepullers etc should be avoided all together.

3. “De-flashing”: Our process is based upon a single visit installation. Our continuous pour methods allow us to create many beautiful shapes and designs that would not be economical using typical forming methods. However, part of that process may leave behind occasional “flashing” or excess concrete along the edges from our machine. While the curb is still wet we will score the “flash” to make separation and clean up easier. De-flashing is typically done by the customer the day after installation. This is also a good time to replace rocks and or groundcover. We recommend you do this as soon as possible after the curb has cured for 24 hrs. Cleanup before 24 hrs may damage the curb. Best results are produced using a flat edging spade to separate the flash and placing flash in a bucket or trash can; a small hand spade also works well. Any gaps between an existing lawn and the new curb can be sanded to allow the grass to grow back quickly.

4. General Care: We utilize high quality curing agents and sealers in each job we install. However, our sealers may or may not guard against staining in some instances. It is recommended that you broom off all dry fertilizers after application to avoid possible rust stains. Rust stains on concrete are common when using fertilizers with high iron content. We recommend you inform lawn care contractors to avoid spraying your curb if possible. If you feel your curb has been sprayed, rinse immediately.

5. Drainage ports: If water pools for any reason behind the curb, inspect the drainage port. Make sure the drain port is clear from debris. We install drain ports in low-lying areas to allow water to pass freely through the curb. This helps protect your curb during freeze thaw cycles we commonly experience during late fall and early spring.

6. Cracking: Concrete edging, like all concrete products, can and will sometimes crack. Cracking rarely occures other than on a control joint. However, if it does, contact us immediately to schedual an appointment to replace the cracked section. Cracks in colored concrete can be a challenge due to variations in color pigments which have been exposed to sunlight. We will use the same color batch formula, however, exact matching can be difficult due to a number of variables.

7. Repair Costs: We charge a minimum fee of $250.00 for all repairs not covered by warranty. We do this to cover travel time, set-up, clean up, and the repair time involved. If curb is damaged and needs repair, contact our staff to schedule an appointment.

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